Sea Change Collaborative Divorce Team

Collaborative Divorce Team

Sea change collaborative practice was founded by Deirdre Prestage Severide, family lawyer, and Susan Vanderwerff, registered clinical counsellor.  In their respective practices, Susan and Deirdre regularly saw the devastation of divorce to couples and families and were committed to finding a better way to divorce!  The traditional process of litigation (going to court) is often adversarial, the spouses lose control over the process and the outcome, the children’s needs aren’t met and it can be very costly.

Collaborative Divorce is a non-adversarial alternative where the spouses and their lawyers agree not to go to court and to commit to seek a reasonable solution that meets their needs and the needs of the children. The Collaborative Lawyer acts as a negotiation coach, an information resource and wise counsel encouraging his or her client to take a reasoned and sensible approach. The Divorce coach helps the spouses to diffuse emotions and anger and effectively communicate and co-parent in a restructured manner.

Typically the Collaborative Process is more time and cost effective. The spouses gain an improved ability to communicate and co-parent in the future.